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  • Jewellery Care

    Congratulations on purchasing your piece of ÉTONE jewellery!

    ÉTONE Design jewellery is handmade using crystals, semi precious stones, resin, ribbons and silver metal.

    Each piece is unique and handmade with delicate materials such as resin and crystals, which require extra care.

    Crystals naturally vary in colour and size. Your piece has individual characteristics and although equally as beautiful and unique, will vary slightly from the image you may see on the website.

    • All ÉTONE jewellery come with a care pouch.

    • Keep all jewellery dry. Contact with water, body products, sunscreen can discolour your jewellery. Avoid wearing whilst showering, at the beach, at swimming pool or whilst exercising.

    • It is not recommended to wash your ÉTONE bracelets if they get dirty. Do not clean them with detergent or water, as you will damage the ribbons.

    • Resin is like glass or ceramic and it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.


    Receive 10% off Your First Order


    Receive 10% off Your First Order

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